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Safety handrails are necessary in the following cases, for example:

  • When workers are permanently based on walkways or raised areas.

  • Near water channels or collection tanks for aggressive and non-aggressive fluids.

  • In all situations where it is necessary to avoid falls by workers or goods in transit and where it is therefore necessary to provide protection in compliance with current employment regulations.

Safety handrails are assembled from a combination of pultruded profiles, containing a greater quantity of fibreglass, to increase the characteristic of high strength and rigidity under any transverse breaking load, thus avoiding falls by both people and objects, which could be heavy and damaging to the ground below.

Safety handrails are composed of modular elements, so in addition to their intrinsically compact characteristics, they are unusually flexible and can meet the needs of any assembly solution, whether angular or linear, and are anchored with special plates fixed to the ground.

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