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Westcountry security fencing is one of the leading security fencing specialists in the South West Devon who offer a wide range of perimeter fencing solutions to domestic, commercial & private commissions. Whether you are interested in securing a premise, school or sports court we have suitable security fencing to help.

The Bastion range is recommended for fencing systems demanding high security, attractive design and durability. Bastion is ideally suited for use in Schools, Parks, Businesses, Highways, Playgrounds, Hospitals, Prisons, Retail Units and many more. Bastion systems are ideal where security is required but without an intimidating appearance. It is designed to be resilient and yet remain elegant. This system is capable of blending into it's environment or enhancing the surroundings as a design feature.

Westcountry Bastion Fencing Image

Bastion 358 Mesh Systems

The Bastion Secure 358 security mesh system is designed to achieve the highest level of security.

Bastion V System

The Bastion V System is a modern and visually appealing heavy weldmesh fence panel system suited for most types of boundary fencing.

Bastion Pro System

Bastion Pro Panels are ideal where security is required but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

Bastion Ballcourts

Sports fencing systems provides everything needed, from ball stopping to safety.

Bastion Duo

Bastion Duo is an ideal system for a professional, robust, and affordable fencing system.

Bastion Gate Systems

The Bastion range comprises both sliding and swing gates. Each choice of gate is designed and produced to the bespoke sizes required and in a wide range of colours.